When you take your favorite brandname soda or juice and put it in a medicine dropper then inject it in the butthole of a beautiful ass then you insert a slurpy straw an drink the beverage out of the ass.
"her ass look so could I had no choice but to sarinate it with a tropical tasting lil butthole slurpy"
by chief elsdick December 26, 2016
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when you think a girl is sexy you call her a cherry slupie
Damn, look at tht cherry slurpie over there she is fine.
by PARSON January 8, 2008
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The act of licking someone of the same sex`s hand and while they`re confused, punching them in the face twice.
Brianna slurp slurpy boom boomed her mom and didnt even get grounded.
by Shok September 10, 2012
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To mock someone severly. To riddicule someone harshly.
by Dimmondback August 24, 2009
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The art of sucking a fat cock while twisting your hand slurping everywhere and vacuuming da dick
Bro that bih gave me a big ass Sucky sucky twisty 3000 x vaccum slurpy twist
by masterBigZ November 22, 2021
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After a man perform the Alabama Hot Pocket another person will go down on and eat her out.
When Susan said desert is served, everyone knew it was Texas Slurpie time.
by EasyE August 28, 2022
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