What Crip gangmembers call Blood gangmembers
<CRIP> Ayo Fuck Slobs

<BlOOD> Fuck the crabs
by AC December 23, 2003
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a crip word ta diss them bloods
ah cuz lets smoke them slobz
by bk all day September 21, 2003
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a derogatory term used to refer to white people, refering to their translucency and foul smell
It's a fuckin blizzard with all these slobs out here.
by gravity5 March 19, 2006
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To eat with extreme verve and panache. To really slap on the proverbial feed bag. Usually best accomplished at local restaurants featuring a buffet or an "all you can eat" event.
Dude, I really slobbed at the buffet last night. It was harsh; Woke up this morning, brushed my teeth, shaved, and shat like an animal!
by Carl De Riot September 12, 2007
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a lazy person with no personal hygeine who lies around and does nothing all day. has no self dignity, and is very messy and disorganized.
The man looked like a slob with his beer gut hanging out.
by Anon. moose October 04, 2005
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what you say to your woman when you want her to give you head.
After a long day at work you come home and sit down and see your wife/girlfriend and say "slob it"
by marmarthe2nd July 04, 2006
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Insult to Bloods gangmembers; Derives from Crip Gangmemebers
<CRIP> Fuck you slob

<BlOOD> Fuck you crab

*start Shooting each other*
by AC December 23, 2003
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