When a man shits inside a woman's Vag and proceeds to have coitus with her and then goes down on her after to clean her out.
I gave some chick an Alabama Slurpie last night worse mistake of my life.
by SunnySwizZz June 11, 2022
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When someone slurps something they pee as well
by Chicken_Nuggeta October 17, 2019
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Pussy slurpy Soaking your girlfriends underwear and workout pants in milk after a working out Then squeeze it out
I drank a pussy slurpy from my girlfiend today
by Opendoor1 August 30, 2022
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Noun. The jiz prize given to a woman to reward her for a good hummer.
"Hey honey, want a Vanilla Slurpy?"
"Okay, I guess it IS hummer week."
by Happy Diver September 14, 2011
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Performing an intense blowjob on a guy.
More than anything, Barry was known for his ability to slurpy slobber on other guys.
by James sweet love March 20, 2022
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When ur dad puts it inside u without consent and u have to use a plunger to free urself from the anal pain
Omg dad that really hurt , now I’m gonna have to do a slurpy bumhole
by Hazzarooney June 19, 2021
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"Hey what are you doing tomorrow?"

"Eh nothin much just doing some Turkey Slurpy"
by Kentavious Caldwellpopeismydad November 18, 2022
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