Something you say after someone says a bad joke, usually followed by a hand motion to fork over cash.
Dylan: Why did the boy cross the road? To get to the other side!

Steven: 20 bucks! *Hand motion to give cash*
by cracka123123 March 4, 2012
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A phrase said after recalling a shady thing one did as a means of explanation and to justify said action.
"Did you blow that first year between the pop machienes last night?"...
"Ya, 20 bucks is 20 bucks"
by nerxi 1 February 16, 2018
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A coded phrase to let your friends know that you think a particular person is gay or a lesbian. Instead of saying, "I bet you $20 Bucks she's a lesbian!" You just say "$20 Bucks"
"Hey fool! Look at that hot guy walking his two little dogs, $20 Bucks!"
"Omg! Nice Visor Samantha, you look like a total $20 bucks!"
by SpinThatBeat March 27, 2015
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This is how to relieve the awkwardness after telling a really bad story. You can find more or less money, depending on how bad the story was.
Guy: So, I thought that I lost my hat, but then I found it in my car.
Girl: ...
Guy: ... and then I found 20 bucks!
by Kaycene August 1, 2008
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Someone who weighs 120 pounds. A little fiend rat, also known as a "chad" who thinks he is tough, but in reality, only weighs 120 pounds and can't fight his way out of a wet paper bag.
Giant Killer: Man, nigga steve wants to bust me up this weekend, what you think I should do??

Yob: Man, that chad is a buck 20, you can bust that fool up!! And if needed, I'ma just drop him with a flying roundhouse!!
by EliasC March 29, 2007
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