Lindsey, the most amazing girl you can meet. She has a big heart, and when she says she loves you, you better hang on to that. She is so funny, cute, adorable, and crazy (in a good way) she knows how to make a quiet room to a loud room with her joy. She breaks the silence, and that's amazing. So if you meet someone named Lindsey, your down right amazing, keep her in your heart forever.
Hey look! Its Lindsey!
Yo Lindsey you lookin fine asf
by C!KE.BrUh October 8, 2019
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A Lindsey is a person who is perfect to have around she is funny, weird,drama loving and is one of the nicest people you will ever meet . If you have a Lindsey in your life don't lose her.she will do anything to protect the ones she loves.
by Linletzim September 20, 2018
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Lindsey’s are super sweet, who tend to be a little younger than their friends. They have mature senses of humor, and huge load of talent. They pick up on things quickly, and are super smart. They tend to be short, but don’t underestimate them because of their height, they will do anything to defend and protect their friends, because friendship is very important to them.
They tend to be a little afraid of commitment, and sometimes aren’t the best at showing their emotions, but once they do you won’t be sorry. so if she is your girlfriend, don’t let her go!
Guy 1: hey, did you see that short girl in Biology today?

Guy 2: yeah I did, i think her name is Lindsey.

Guy 1: wow, was she was gorgeous.
by WestsideTruth September 16, 2018
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A meme god who is respected by all. Spends her existence in anxiety, depression, and memes.
by Meme God Daddy November 20, 2017
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The most beautiful girl you well ever meet she is so sweet and she tries her best to fix things and she is wonderful to talk to she is the best and her eyes you can stare at for ever like no lies so if you catch yourself a lindsey you better keep her because you well never fine yourself a better girlfriend
Hey their this girl I have a crush on oh yea that's Lindsey
by Kenny Jordan Wes February 6, 2017
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A wonderful, kind girl with the best heart, and deepest mind. The person you want to make hot cocoa with. Always has a great booty, works hard, and can be a bit dirty minded, but the sweetest girl you'll ever meet.
Lindsey is my best friend
by Margo2018 January 8, 2019
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She is caring, and supportive. Normally blonde and blue eyed, she’s a gentle person. Although she may try to seem tougher than she is, she is just trying to impress you. She wants to make you smile and laugh no matter what situation. She will always have your back no matter what! She may not be a Barbie, but on the inside she’s perfect. She tries to impress others and be the best. She has the brains and is pretty good at sports. She can be sarcastic but she means it in a good way. She loves people and is very trusting. She hates drama and tries to avoid it. Keep her close and don’t be mean to her because you’ll regret it!
by Lindsey4life March 27, 2018
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