the amount of something is how much there is, or how much have, need, or get.
he needs that amount of money to survive.
by cavadzad October 26, 2013
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An unknown quantity of something. Could be a large amount or a very little amount of something. Or you have no idea on the quantity of something you have.
person 1: How many shotgat shells ya got left?
person 2: A Loki amount.
person 1: :/
by deadlyswarmofcats August 10, 2012
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A-Jodie-Amount is a way to describe someone who drinks beyond their capabilities. Usually resulting in an awful hangover including sickness.
She drank A-Jodie-Amount last night.
"How are you feeling today?" "Not good hun, I drunk A-Jodie-Amount last night."
by Funnymum24 April 23, 2017
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Having an excessive amount of a nigger like item
There is a nigger amount of Sweet Baby Ray's barbecue sauce in Randall's refrigerator
by Cooked123456 February 14, 2016
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To indicate that an amount of an item is indeed plentifull; not to be confused with having very little.
How much draw you got? i'm out!

I've got bear amounts. Thanks for asking.
by sine October 9, 2004
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The maximum amount possible given the circumstances. Also can be used as an exaggeration for an extremely large number.
'My coupon expired AND I was too early for the sale, so they charged me the full amount.'

'How much money did you win at the casino yesterday?' 'The full amount.'
by ASM June 23, 2006
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