when a guy licks a girls pussy and a girl sucks a guys dick. very pleasureable.
Shelly didn't want to get pregnant, so she decided to try oral sex. She started to play with Daren's dick by blowing, kissing and sucking his penis. He re-payed her by playing with her clit and sticking his tounge in her vagaina. They both very much enjoyed this.
by I think I might be Lesbian August 6, 2010
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Here's an orgasm, now let me go to sleep.
Jack was needily horny at 4 AM, instead of wasting half an hour on real sex, Jill decided five minutes of oral sex was in order.
by eyehateman June 19, 2011
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Mouth to genital stimulation. Also referred to as "fellatio"- when done to a male, and "cunnilingus" when done to a female.
Example 1: Dick had oral sex with Jane. Jane had oral sex with Dick. (i.e. Dick's Dick. Pun intended).

Example 2: Jane was able perform cunnilingus on herself, much to Dick's surprise, curiosity, and delight. Quite a scene! (Jane was a contortionist and gymnast.)
by MTF January 26, 2010
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The act of two persons using their mouths to perform sexual intercourse.

These two persons can be of the same or opposite sex but they are rarely a married couple.
i got a little piece of heaven last night when i got some sweet oral sex
by Cheerleader Fucker August 25, 2004
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oral sex is when a woman (or man) orally pleasures the partner.

a man will lick the womans clit and pussy. lesbians also do this.

or a woman or man can suck a guys dick and balls ect. to get him going. when you have oral sex most people will call it head,oral,or a blow job. women should kneel and suck the mans enlarged dick and kiss it, sometimes moving their hands up and down the shaft of his dick. most of the time the man will hold the womans head so he can move his penis in a fucking like way in her mouth.

some oral results in the man orgasming. when a man orgasms he cums and it is nice when the woman swallows.
when carla came to jeffs house, he quickly took her to his room and took off her clothes. he started licking her vagina ans then she started sucking his balls. they both had oral sex
by newyork May 6, 2007
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When a guy licks a woman's pussy or a woman sucks a guys dick.

1) Shantel lay in bed with her legs opened wide while Shawn stuck his tongue into her wet pussy and sucked on her clit. He flicked it back and forth with his tongue until she squirted her juices in his mouth. He then proceeded to fuck her with his tongue. Shantel then got on her knees and sucked Shawn's dick until he came in her mouth.. she swallowed.

2) Lisa licked Samantha's pussy all night. They had oral sex all night long.
by Darren1 August 29, 2007
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1) When the oral cavity of a woman or man is put on or around another man or woman's genitals. This is done for sexual pleasure of either person.

2)For the man, the person would slide their mouth up and down upon the penis. If pushed all the way down into the throat, it is called a deepthroat. This is an extreme pleasure for a man and in the writer's opinion, one of the most pleasurable experiences for a man. It is common to swallow the semen produced by the man after he has an orgasm.

3)For the woman, the person would lick the clitoris and inside the vagina. It is common to stick the tongue all the way in, or to flick the tongue on the clitoris. This is an extreme pleasure for a woman. It is a very common mode of sexual pleasure for couples.

See also: penis, blowjob, sex, vagina, cum, jizz
For Males: We were walking down this trail when she suddenly stopped me and we started to make out. Her hand made its way into my basketball shorts and the next thing you know I was getting my first handjob ever! She only jerked me for about two minutes when she decided to get funky with it.

At this point my eyes were closed in pure bliss. I never felt my shorts and boxers being pulled down to my ankles but I did feel the warm mouth that engulfed my dick. Now that was heaven! She moved her tongue in circles around my dick while alternating between deep, heavy sucks and light, teasing ones.

Within a few seconds I came all over the surrounding shrubbery and her. It was my first oral sex experience.

For Females :She moaned out with pleasure as I started my assault and ground her hips into my hand as I sucked and licks her gorgeous nipples then I slowly kissed my way to her very beautiful pussy and barred my face in it licking her clit and running my tongue in and out of her body as far as I could tasting her sweet juices and inhaling he musk which now had me hard again, Terry tensed up and her whole body shuddered as the first intense orgasm hit her I licked up all she had to offer me and I slowly lowered her to the floor not letting my tongue leave her sweet pussy.
by vlnpr95 January 3, 2010
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