The use of ur mum calls has become quite stale over the past few years, mainly due to overuse and widespread acceptance of the term. Whilst the call 'ur dad' could be considered homosexual around strangers, incorporation in a group of friends is easy and quite amusing. Use of 'ur dad' in conjunction with 'i fucked...', '...fisted me' and 'me and ... fucked ur mum last night' are just some of the many ways the joke can be used.
Jeffrey: "fuck ur a dick head"
Trent: "ur dad has a dick which i fuck and suck"
Jeffrey: "now ur a fucken queer"
Trent: "ur dad and i are queers together"
Jeffrey: "dont talk to me"
Trent: "ur dad cant talk when he's got my cock in his mouth"
Jeffrey: "ah ha ha, i'll pay that"
by omg i am wtf uber November 3, 2006
the opposite of ur is a term that is exceedingly cooler than ur mom.. <when someone chooses to express themselves in conversation, by saying "ur dad," instead of "ur mom," they are instantaneously cool and fwegin sweet...
(me-cooler): Who's your mom?
(you-stupid): uhhhhhhhhh
(me): -UR DAD
by jigga the nigga March 1, 2005
The opposite comeback of "ur mom," which was a shitty comeback to begin with, so "ur dad" sucks just as bad if not worse.
Andy: I'm going to work tomorrow.
Kevin: Ur dad goes to work tomorrow.
Andy: Fuck off, that comeback sucks as bad as ur mom.
by kingdomkz July 11, 2008
He is currently not available, loading milk for ur fucking life and banging some random stripper. he left beacause ur bad lmao L
by LeBabyAnt April 27, 2021
Ur mom is gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
Ur dad is wait a minute u got no dad.
He left for milk but never came back. cry about it.😢
by Ur dad who got no milk April 30, 2022
You use ur dad for sarcasm I say it alot u can even say ur mom if u wanna but dat would jus be stooooopid !!! 👑😁
Jordan:"what was you doing last night , seemed like u was super busy".🙃
Yazmin:"ur dad".😂🤦🏽 ♀️
by Finna Cook November 30, 2018
Ur dad is a woman
Oh no ur dad is a woman let's leave
by Big black balls🦍🦧 February 25, 2022