Australian slang term for a good bloke, reliable mate, or person otherwise admired for being efficient or formidable with regards some pursuit. Descended from wartime, when the word was used for a dependable comrade one was glad to have beside them; a 'good gun'.
> His three goals carried the team that match.
> Yeah, Joe's a gun.
by daneoin June 01, 2007
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peacemakers in the war on twilght/Justin Beiber fans.
(May be inaffective unless a silver bullet is used)
Man 1:Why do we have all these guns?
Man 2: because its time for the grammys..
Man 1: What does that mean?
Man 2: justin beiber will attend...and so will those guys from twilight.
Man 1:Oh i get it.*cocks gun*
by whipster1 June 22, 2010
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It has the same spelling as the metal hand cannon, but is pronounced "gwen." Gun is the Chinese word for staff or stick. The term refers to a long bamboo staff used in a number of martial arts, most notably in various styles of kung fu and wushu.
I told my friends that my martial arts style involves the usage of a gun. Then I told them the Chinese meaning. I'm not as cool as they thought I am.
by 42aku July 11, 2017
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Australian colloquial term to denote an esteemed and relied upon friend, or anyone otherwise who is excellent and formidable with regards some activity. Descended from wartime and comrades who were dependable, trusted and efficient, a 'good gun' to have alongside you.
Jimmy's a gun soccer player. His goals carried the team yesterday.
by JoeBloethelotsth June 06, 2007
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A weapon that has existed since the 13th Century and has been developing more and more, as well as diversifying ever since.
They come in small, handheld forms known as pistols or handguns; or automatic, repeating-fire, styles known as machine guns; and longer types with stocks and that are designed to be fired from the shoulder: these are known as rifles. The many kinds of guns, the mechanical/technical information of a gun, and so on are WAY too long to list here. For additional information I recommend looking at the other examples below.
See AK-47, Uzi, Glock, 9MM, NRA (a rifle organization), M-16, Derringer, and Magnum.
by Bush Fan December 16, 2004
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Really huge muscles. commonly used as for body builders and football players. also used for people who think they got big muscles but really don't.

A weapon/tool/source of entertainment. Used to kill people animals and targets. shoots Bullet(s)
1."Damn check these guns bitches."
2. "What u mean those piles of shit stuck to your arms?"

"i own a gun. FEAR ME!!!"
by jiggawhut?! October 12, 2005
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