A person that is inconsiderate, selfish, rude, liar, Donald J. Trump, and a person that can be 2 faced
Dbdbsheh is a bad person and is a part of the bad people because they gave me nothing for all of the hard work I did and they told me they would give me something
by zfno February 28, 2018
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The kids in your school that say/act like they don't study but end up scoring really good grades.
by Sambhar November 19, 2022
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"You don't want to end up in the bad people play do ya? 'Cause I've heard they treat people real nice in there⸮"
"He's in the bad people place now, he ain't gonna be out for a looong time so don't you worry sonny."
by Michael Washboard August 2, 2022
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