4 definitions by The Robinator

1- A weapon that shoots projectiles, it will hurt you, so whatever you do, don't push the trigger. But if you do, sometimes it makes bad people go away. =)

2- A penis.
by The Robinator March 26, 2004
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Basically Japanese pop music. It sometimes has random English words in the lyrics.
by The Robinator August 18, 2004
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Free beer in Ireland (Lucky sons of bitches), a whole load of pinching for those who don't wear green in other countries. Stupid leprechaun cunts.
The next kid who pinches me for not wearing green, I'll fucking devour you and your mom.
by The Robinator March 26, 2004
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A female fictional video game character who dies halfway through in the roleplaying game known as Final Fantasy VII.
No, you can't bring her back. Move on.
by The Robinator April 1, 2005
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