you unnerve me!!
by stephanie June 24, 2003
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Describing an ongoing state of wretching, vomiting and self-loathing due to adolescent humiliation by a severe, sexually-frustrated 70-year-old English teacher at a 1960s private girls' school in Cleveland, Ohio, who stated that the word "unnerved" did not exist.

It does now. Look it up, bitch.
Forty-five years later, "Zero for the Day, Arms" found the nerve to define "unnerved."
by Carol Arms September 27, 2007
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to make someone not nervous in a nervous kind of situation.
paige and i were nervouss about the car ride with my family but i reassured her and told her id try and make it as unnervousness as posible
by Paige and Nate August 25, 2007
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