The preferred "tool" that an avetard likes to use to break open the door when they lock themselves out. The axe belongs to Henry and will be used to hit the door, damage it, and eventually open the door, but this avetard does not realize that he will have to pay for the damages to the door at the end of the year
I got locked out of my room again so I used Henry's axe to break open my door and now the door is covered in axe beatings.
by TurnM3Up November 11, 2019
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A guitar, usually eletric.
Jimi Hendrix played his axe as Paganini must have played his violin.
by PJC October 02, 2002
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the reason why it's hard to breathe in high school hallways.
girl: *cough* *cough* *COUGH*

guy: IS SHE OKAY?!

other guy: yeah, man, she's just choking on your axe.
by kayliekakess June 29, 2011
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A conformist body spray that is used by guys, often in heavy doses. Often the user likes to make extremely evident through scent, or verbally, that he is wearing the aforesaid deodorant.

Many guys (and women) were hypnotized, by the excellent use of advertising, to believe that they are using it because it smells good. When in reality the real product is a spray bottle marked, "Axe" that is tied to many marketing gimmicks.
"I'm going to, this very second; spray myself with some wonderful Axe."
"Get me some of that!"
"Me too!"
"Over here!"
"I want some!"

A: "I love a man who wears Axe."
B: "Have you ever smelled it?"
A: "Well, no..."
by The Legendary Ironwood March 27, 2005
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v. axed, axing

1. To put a question to
2. To make a request of
3. To require or call for as a price or condition
4. To expect or demand

syn. for ask
1. When I realized my hunnie-sack was missing, I axed Lorenzo where it was.
2. I axed my ho to smoke my shaft.
3. I axed Bennie how much was that deuce-deuce.
4. I axed you once I ain't gonna axe you again.
by thug4life October 03, 2002
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How some ghetto-dwellers say the word, "ask."

It is sometimes used as part of speech when talking in ebonics (yes, it is most frequently spoken this way rather than being written this way). It is definitely one way to butcher the English language -- albiet only a single word of it. :-(
{Tina}: Edward, may I axe you a question?
{Edward}: Don't you mean, "may I ASK you a question?"
{Tina}: That's what I just said! Can I axe you what all of those blown rubbers are doing on the bedroom floor every Saturday morning?

Be sure to axe about the bloody ask in the trunk. ;-)
by Telephony August 05, 2012
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1. A type of spray that smells really really disgusting if you douse yourself in it

2. How ghetto people say ''ask''
Ewww what is that smell?


''Yo son I gots to axe you a question''
by DizzyLizzy November 18, 2006
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