A phrase used when one wishes another to leave their presence.
Jake: LOLOLOLOLO *trollface*
Shagnar: Go away Jake
by Hurr Durr Negro June 15, 2011
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say this when you want someone to get out of your life this very instant
*judges you* *betrays you* *annoys you*

you: “how about you go away you burnt piece of celery
by hiyosupyoyo December 16, 2017
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"Go away" is the best phrase in the world. Aside from "Eat dirt bitch", or "Gr".
(*Do not use any of these phrases in conversation with people you like*)

You: Go away.
by xgoxawayxixlovexyoux October 1, 2007
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1) Fuck off
2) Piss off
3) Shit off
4) Ass off
Get your ass off the toilet and go away, you tragic excuse for an Olympic mascot.
by B-Drac July 26, 2003
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slang for "fuck off". Used by people who don't swear - such a small minority that this term may not even have been heard by most readers.
Oh, go away, you... mother- away going... person!
by Andy May 3, 2004
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