Guy 1: Hey, I got a gun!
Guy 2: Are you an American?
by ESU02 April 28, 2021
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A complex arrangement of metal parts that is capable of discharging a lead peice at very high speeds, high enough to penetrate fleash and thin slabs of wood. Serves as humankind's (so far) permanent replacement for spears, staffs, swords, daggars, etc. as most effective weapons. Most commonly used for self-defense, murder, killing hostiles, recreational shooting, the standard issue weapons for armies, militias, etc.
Guns aren't the problem. It's criminals, irresponsible people, and totalitarian shitheads getting a hold of them that's the problem.
by Mob_Triggerman November 29, 2004
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The greatest thing you can bring to show and tell.
"He has a gun!"
by Rina Glass September 20, 2021
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The quick and easy tool to end a fight.
Man: Dont fuck with me cause I know Martial Arts!

Other Man: Dont fuck with me cause I know Smith and Wesson!
by Cm8000 January 31, 2004
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An angry fucking stick that when you pull the trigger on it bad shit happens to the guy your pointing it at
Guy1: bro I just shot that guy with a fucking gun
Guy2: holy shit man he’s fucking dead!
by RoninXII January 20, 2022
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Australian colloquial term to denote an esteemed and relied upon friend, or anyone otherwise who is excellent and formidable with regards some activity. Descended from wartime and comrades who were dependable, trusted and efficient, a 'good gun' to have alongside you.
Jimmy's a gun soccer player. His goals carried the team yesterday.
by JoeBloethelotsth June 6, 2007
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