What you say when someone asks you why the US flag is being flown at half-staff.
"Why is the flag half-staff?"
"Evil bastards. Which mass shooting was this? Hey, is it still 'too soon' to discuss gun control?
by hodags1966 November 10, 2018
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Once a decent organization promoting 2nd amendment rights and responsible gun ownership, the NRA is now a giant collection of nutcases and idiots who think people calling for laws to regulate guns and keep them out of the wrong hands is code for "repeal the 2nd amendment and take everyone's guns away".
Hey NRA, no one wants to take away your rights. We all believe in the Constitution and want everyone who obeys the laws to own guns if they want to. But when a crazy person can walk into a school and kill 27 innocent people-20 of them Children-then clearly something is very wrong here.
by GaaraoftheDamned April 20, 2013
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A group of people who believe in every part of the Second Amendment except for the portion describing the right of citizens to bear arms as a "well-regulated militia"...particularly the "well regulated" part. Can frequently be seen indiscriminately bashing any and all attempts at rudimentary/sane gun control legislation despite living in a nation with the highest rate of gun-related deaths in the world. Despite their tremendous advocacy of the Second Amendment, the NRA's often unflinching support of George W. Bush and the modern-day Republican party seems to betray any sort of interest they may have implied having in upholding the rest of the Bill of Rights.
Most NRA members would use the Second Amendment to stop what they deem as overuse of the first Amendment by them fast-talkin' liberal hippies if they could get away with it.
by Squid Wrangler April 9, 2005
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The NRA, or National Rifle Association, is a division of the propaganda wing of the Republican party.

The main task of the NRA is to prevent any and all forms of responsible and logical firearms regulations by buying politicians and bribing officials in exchange for support against reforms. The NRA has been known to broadcast misinformation (or alternative facts) to the masses during the elections in order to foster the idea that our second amendment rights are somehow under attack and to drum up support for a certain Republican candidate.

The ultimate end goal of the NRA is to create a nation where everybody, even children, owns military-grade fully automatic machine guns.
The only terrorist group that poses a real threat to the U.S. is the NRA, that and the Republican party, that is.
by Super Thicc February 14, 2017
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National Restaurant Association. An important organization which protects American citizen's God-given right to enjoy tasty food.
Those who are opposed to it should move to an overseas restaurant-banning country.
by Amall June 25, 2005
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A national organization for the purpose of upholding the second amendment, which is an important piece of the constitution of the United States of America. Those who are opposed to it should move to an overseas gun-banning country.
The NRA tries to make sure that America stays America.
by BlastMaster June 18, 2003
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New Red Arrow train. It is a train that runs on the Seibu Shinjuku line and goes from Seibu Shinjuku to Hon-Kawoge. This is a limited express train and most people do not know about it unless you live in the nearby area to the Seibu Shinjuku line.
I don’t know about all the hate the NRA gets. It is a very fast train! A lot faster than an express train. I think people are just hating on it because they can’t afford to ride on it.
by Noshit2547 May 7, 2020
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