A misunderstood type of music that can not easily be appreciated if you haven't heard much of it. It may take a long time for you to warm up to it, but as soon as you do, there's no turning back. Contrary to belief, metalheads are not stupid or angsty - that's just throwing around labels.
1. Metal music is judged too easily.
2. People's minds need to be more open.
by Glome March 15, 2005
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a descriptive word used to define something exspecially brutal or awesome. Like dead bodies or ice cream
Dead bodies clogging a drain is metal.
"dude that ice cream was metal"
by boratstylin August 23, 2008
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A heavier form of rock and roll music, that is definately not for everybody. However, if you like music that is violent, heavy, and generally badass, I recommend going to your nearest record store and buying a Priest or Maiden album. If you like rock music, but wish it was heavier, you won't regret it, trust me.

There are many different types of metal. I'll list a few examples of each genre:
Heavy Metal: Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Tank, Accept, Motorhead, Armored Saint, Saxon.

Thrash Metal: SSSSLLLLAAAAYYYYEEEERRRR!!!!(the yelling is necessary, trust me), Kreator, Sodom, Testament, Overkill, Exodus.

Death Metal: Death, Morbid Angel, Possessed, Bolt Thrower, Monstrosity, Deicide, Vader.

Power Metal: Sabaton, Hammerfall, Gamma Ray, Blind Guardian, Iced Earth, Helloween.

Black Metal: (a.k.a. the gods rock and roll of which you need to lay down your soul to) Bathory (old), Celtic Frost, Burzum, Dark Throne, Emperor, Mayhem.

Viking Metal: Bathory (new), Ensiferum, Tyr, Korpiklaani, Enslaved.

Doom Metal: Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus, My Dying Bride (not an emo band, surprisingly), Electric Wizard.

And that's just a few. Also, don't think that metal is all a bunch of shouting about Satan. It's not. Trust me, I listen to it, and it's not.
by Metalhead Jake September 9, 2009
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Metal is a genre of music which has been around since the 70's and has become one of the most popular genres of music in modern day society. With the second british invasion of bands like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, metal was quickly accepted into the American underground. Metal is a very hard genre to define due to the various opinions of many people. Some may say GnR was metal and so it started with bands like that, others may say the Metallica started it all. Whatever you say you have to give credit to Metallica for making it big with metal and making it a more known genre. Whether or not they sold out once they got there, that's not for me to say. Today metal is a global movement and has hundreds of sub-genres that delve deeper into harshness, speed and brutality, but it is safe to say that metal gave them their roots and remains the greatest genre ever.
" Dude did you hear Papa Roach's new single?"
" Yeah, why?"
" I love that kind of metal"
" Fuck you man, here's some Judas stick that in your pipe and smoke it"
by The One You Seek June 26, 2007
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a very artistic genre of music that involves alot of skill and concentration to master, when you first get into listening to metal, it may make your ears hurt like hell,then your able to listen to it when your eardrums adapt so you can hear the lyrics, those of no expierience will most likely not be able to understand it and will just say it is complete shit and go back to their Eminem and 50 cent idols. when you get the ears there is no going back.
Rap Kid walks down the street and spots a metal fan listening to his headphones.
Rap Kid:"that u listen 2 is just screamin n shit, u aint no real music white boy."
metal fan:"alright if its really that bad maybe you can stand listening to it."
Rap kid hesitates for a minute.
"gimme your headphones emo."
Rap kid turns it up full volume.
Metal fan:"thats not a good idea."
rap kid:"i can stand this shit"
Presses play.........head blows up so there is nothing left but everything lower jaw down. Metal fan shruggs, whipes the blood and brains of his headphones, mutters "idiot" at the corpse and continues down the street
by Slayerfan101 September 30, 2008
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Hands down one of the best genres of music. Negative stereotypes about metal come from metalheads, who always argue, that their music/band is better, than whatever you listen to, if it's not metal.
In Flames, Dark Tranquility, Metallica, AC/DC, and so on...
by malevolent friend January 8, 2011
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