The act of of moving your balls in a circular motion.
Everyone can do the helicopter, but I can do the propeller.
by The Geek Whisperer December 17, 2015
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The act of vigorously spinning while mounted atop of a penis during sexual intercourse.
Man that girl was propellering on my dick like a disc spinning in I disk drive.
by TFTC69 November 19, 2013
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Usually a petite woman that you dream of having sex with by attaching the "propeller" to your knob and forcefully turning it around so that she becumes a spinning object.
by Captain Bonk March 31, 2022
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Propel is a yummy, yummy, yummy sports drink. People on Crack love it.
Adam is drinking propel and he says " Propel is delicious". (That crackhead!!!)
by Jambles Jr. May 3, 2008
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A word used when wanting to describe a large force of impact but cant think of an actual word to use.
Jaylon-Ethan you dumb asf😩

Ethan-I bet you youll be even slower when i send some propellation into the back of yo cranium dont try me
by Fxji November 8, 2017
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Synonym of 'wheels'.
Adjective describing males that are smooth with girls.
Hey, that guy is so smooth with her.
Yeah, propellers.
by willieGo December 12, 2010
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a female of small proportions. Usually very attractive, slim, with large bossoms and a well balanced behind. A girl in which the office chair technique can be applied to.
Mike: Wow! Check out that babe over there.
Eric: Yes, i must admit that propeller would do quite well on my pole!
by a-bass November 21, 2007
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