A mentally unstable individual who typically sports a fedora and will attempt to shoot up a school with his nerf guns
What’s that kid doing?

Shit Eugene is reaching into his backpack

by BirdyBoiJt July 21, 2018
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a cringeworthy individual known for his school shootings and can usually be spotted wearing a trenchcoat and/or fedora
when eugene reaches into his backpack, you know its time to run
by eugene_killer March 10, 2016
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A male that tries to flirt with girls and has a famous pick up line of "Do you watch youtube"
Oh there goes the eugene again"-Birdman
by chain smoker 30000 April 08, 2016
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A cringeworthy individual usaully spotted stalking children in parks or trying to pick up girls. commonly seen wearing crocs and/or fedoras.
"Hey Eugene I like your Call of Duty shirt."
*Eugene pulls gun out and starts shooting up the school.*
by Sky Keith April 01, 2016
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Eugene is a smart and handsome young man who has style and charm. He's the most awesome person you will ever meet. He cares about the people he loves and is always prepared for every situation. If you find one don't let him run away. It's a keeper.
Your so Eugene.
by Gowiththeflow1997 March 01, 2018
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Words aren’t enough to describe this person, he is just a man of many things. In a nutshell, he is smart, athletic, and excels in almost everything, literally (well maybe not arts, but he’s not bad at it either) and brags often (but he has the right, I guess). Although he can get really stressed and pissy due to lots of work and problems, he eventually overcomes them, 10000/10 perseverance there. Besides that, he is a really kind, caring and EXTREMELY patient person (trust me when I say this), can be REALLY sweet and he’s usually (frustratingly) right about things so even though he seems wrong, you should trust him. Holds his ground firmly, even if it’s involving someone very important, he knows when to address or let go of someone’s mistakes. Has firm beliefs, doesn’t take any bullshit from anyone. Gets a little annoying when he holds grudges (rarely) or when you get into debates with him, there’s a high chance he’ll win. BRUTALLY HONEST. Very observant and notices even the smallest signs of emotions, tones, choice of words, etc. Consistantly organised and objective, dilligent. Overall, an admirable, good-natured person, it’s hard not to like him.
1. Eugene is a literal serotonin boost, he’s the best companion to have.
2. I would LOVE to date someone like Eugene, he’s totally my type of guy. He should be a standard for what girls look for in men honestly.
by Shy and Insecure October 27, 2020
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