A male that tries to flirt with girls and has a famous pick up line of "Do you watch youtube"
Oh there goes the eugene again"-Birdman
by chain smoker 30000 April 8, 2016
A creepy, cringy person who typically wears a fedora. They fail at getting girls, have small penises and are probably going to pull out a gun at school and shoot everyone.
Try to get on Eugene’s good side because he’s going to shoot the place up tomorrow.
by Eugene detector July 31, 2018
Eugene is a cringeworthy male individual that will occasionally molest your mind with his behaviour and is typically seen munching crayons and eating candles.
"Eugene just pulled out an AK-47 out of his backpack, y'all better start running "
by Toxicshock1001 March 14, 2016
a dude with a small ass dick, smells like old Doritos and Mt. Dew, looks like a pine cone, and sucks at life, getting girls, and playing cod
Damn Daniel is a real ass Eugene
by BigBossTrev5 April 7, 2016
a mans who will facetime you at 3am in the shower, but will end the call before getting out as to not show his peepee
Person one: Who are you calling, why are they in the shower?

Person two: It's Eugene, he facetimed me while in the shower.
by lixie July 12, 2019
That one kid that gets overly mad and offended that you used his name in kahoot.
Dude 1: Omg did you see how many Eugenes there are in our kahoot quiz?
Dude 2: you definitely know Eugene is gonna be offended.
Dude 3: of course he his, he's a Eugene...
by Bussy Boppin Fun Times November 2, 2020