Alternative word to shit or crap. when you dont want to say "shit" or "crap", just say "shoot".
Kate: Oh shoot i forgot my bag! let me go and get it

by sarah_A April 19, 2008
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The only correct response to "Can I ask you a question?" besides "You just did."
"Can I ask you a question?"
by Lairor December 9, 2004
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As George Carlin once said its just...

"Shit, with two o's"
Aww shoot i forgot we had the physics test
by Me,I,Yo October 15, 2009
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Like the wrestling term, but adjusted to every day life. When someone says something that is true, but unexpected and usually out of anger, or at an inappropriate time.
At the meeting, the boss singled me as out the employee not meeting sales goals. When everyone started to laugh, I decided to shoot on them and told the boss about them stealing company funds to have parties on the weekend.

My buddy who was drunk at the party decided to shoot on me and blurt out about how were with those hookers last weekend. My girlfriend was right there next to me and she was angry.

by MJ Wright February 19, 2008
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In wrestling-- The real thing. A match where the participants are really attempting to hurt another.
-hitting an opponent for real instead of pulling back
-not "protecting" your opponent when doing a move on them
by Phillip F. July 14, 2005
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the word you say in front of your parents because they might ground you for all eternity if you swear in front of them, and then you get back to swearing after they've left
Teenager: stubs his toe
Teenager: SHOOT
Parents: Are you ok?
Parents {in their head}: I'm glad he hasn't cursed
Teenager: hehe boi
by AUTHENTICATOR June 7, 2019
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