feminist beauty as opposed to feminine beauty
Independent and progressive women wore shoulder pads in the 80s.
by allkindsofnoise November 24, 2008
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When two friends gently rest their cocks(2) and balls(4) upon the shoulder of a roommate's girlfriend. She must gaze foward at all times as for it not to be constituted as cheating.
I am appalled that Mike and Mike were "Shoulder Padding" Amber last night, exclaimed Marc.

Yeah man, talk about a low blow on her part.
by Kaaron Rodgers January 22, 2011
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When a man sneaks up behind an unsuspecting victim and calmly rests his nutsack upon the victim's shoulder. Properly executed Nigerian shoulder pads result in the slow turning of the victim's head, followed by a double take, followed by either anger, disgust, or cautious acceptance.
I was thoroughly enjoying my meal at Outback Steakhouse when I realized that the waiter had outfitted me with a pair of Nigerian shoulder pads.
by spooncult April 5, 2009
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when a girl gets on your shoulders and takes a dump
She was so pissed off at me she jumped on my shoulders and gave me the Seatle Shitty Shoulder Pads.
by Greg Greatman February 1, 2009
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