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A ringbinder is medicine exactly the opposite of a laxative. It is taken during very severe bouts of diarrhoea to make your shit solid again.
Could you go to the chemist for me and get me a ringbinder. I feel I could shit through the eye of a needle
by pipesucker March 3, 2018
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Flaccitude is the state of being tired and at the same time being unable to get an erection. The combination of the two problems together, would strongly suggest that you were suffering from this condition.
Ever since I caught the flu, I've had no energy at all. It seems I can't even get the hard on anymore. I feel pretty certain that I'm suffering from flaccitude.
by pipesucker March 8, 2018
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A flange warmer is a persons butt crack. It is spread wide to accommodate a mans penis to keep it warm in bed during the winter months. It is more effective if the butt cheeks are gently clenched to retain heat.
I had such a cold cock last night I couldn't wait to get into bed and get my boyfriend to give me a flange warmer.
by pipesucker February 26, 2018
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An octopussarian is an elderly male in his eighties who constantly keeps thinking of sex. If capable a man with this condition would desire to have physical sex as well. It is sometimes referred to as octopussarianism.
My grandad has been warned several times in the nursing home to stop pestering some of the elderly ladies for sex. it would appear that he's turned into an octopussarian.
by pipesucker April 8, 2018
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a jonnycock is very often associated with elderly men. It is a condition caused through old age. The penis will have shrunk, but the foreskin will have remained the same. It will often resemble a baggy used condom.
I feel sorry for my grandad. It seems like he has developed a jonnycock. It is so pronounced he could keep his loose change in there.
by pipesucker February 28, 2018
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noseblind is when a person fancies somebody so much they just want to have sex with them whatever. It doesn't even matter if they they stink. They would completely ignore it just to get there way with them.
I met this smashing girl last week, when we got back to my place I noticed that she had bad breath and her fanny wasn't any better either. I didn't care, i just had to shag her. I'd gone completely noseblind.
by pipesucker March 20, 2018
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A double bubble is where you just can't stop farting and burping at the same time. This is very often caused through eating spicy food and drinking lots of gassy larger.
I had a brilliant Indian last night followed by five pints of lager. When I got home I just couldn't stop burping and farting. It was the worst double bubble I'd had for ages.
by pipesucker March 11, 2018
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