- easily agitated
- explosive
- anal
- salty
- toxic
- unpleasant
Damn... why are you so gassy today?
by Pap¡ January 17, 2017
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A boy nicknamed gassy. He has strong acne, pitiful hair, non-saggy pants, pale skin&eye lashes. He fancies many girls at once. He is athletc, not popular. He doesn't have many friends, and the friends he has love him. :
"Hey, who's that?"
"That my friend is a gassy."
by mmmmmmoose! May 31, 2008
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Great tasting, loud smelling og kush.

Coined by Alpha Sesay AKA Big Al.
I only smoke" gassy "
by Alpha the great September 12, 2017
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That drink you have there is gassy.
by Chuckchar May 2, 2022
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a bowel movement, accompanied by excessive gas
I took a gassy shit last night after all that fuckin' Mexican food.
by lavazza July 27, 2006
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When you want to sarcastically thank someone with a fart. A Mexican thank you!
Wife: l picked up your socks off the floor, again!

Husband: bends over letting one rip and says: “gassy-ass senorita” and smiles. BTW he’s making a full recovery in the hospital!
by Sambiase April 14, 2019
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As in, not gender solid or gender fluid. Gender gassy is a state of sexual transcendence where the individual actively maintains connection with both genders and any other gender that has yet to be invented.

Whereas gender-fluid vacillates between male and female, a gender gassy person IS male and female both in a physical and cosmic sense. Just as the air we breathe contains many gases making up the whole, so the G.G. are harmoniously blended into a superior sexual being.
I don’t want to be gender fluid anymore, it’s too confusing. I’m going full gender gassy.

Have you seen Bruno lately?

Who is Bruno? They are no longer Bruno, but have become the sexually transcended being known as Galaxy. They are Gender-Gassy now.

So what privates do they have?

by IMLion July 13, 2018
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