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- easily agitated
- explosive
- anal
- salty
- toxic
- unpleasant
Damn... why are you so gassy today?
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by PapΒ‘ January 17, 2017
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Great tasting, loud smelling og kush.

Coined by Alpha Sesay AKA Big Al.
I only smoke" gassy "
by Alpha the great September 11, 2017
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A boy nicknamed gassy. He has strong acne, pitiful hair, non-saggy pants, pale skin&eye lashes. He fancies many girls at once. He is athletc, not popular. He doesn't have many friends, and the friends he has love him. :
"Hey, who's that?"
"That my friend is a gassy."
by mmmmmmoose! May 30, 2008
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When someone behaves rudely, someone can say "You're too gassy" or "You're gassy" and you need to turn it down (as in turn down the gas)
by Pocahontasmeetsmaxx March 12, 2019
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