1. To commit wholeheartedly to a goal, usually drawing on all of one's courage.

2. To bring players forward in an attack-oriented formation in soccer.
1. Stop dreaming about telling your boss to fuck off. Just penis up and do it.

2. We're down 4 goals with 15 minutes left. Now is the time to penis up.
by KevintheOH September 13, 2006
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it like push ups but you are using your penis like hands and it make your penis buff
I will do over 9000 penis ups
by February 23, 2021
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The sound a player named Demitry on the Realm Mug'Thol from World of Warcraft makes when he speaks.
Demitry sounded like a dried up penis when he last spoke on vent about how much he loved dajinn and stephani.
by wray May 10, 2006
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