"bro you have a test today? that's the flu"
by wildthing0707 December 10, 2019
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another name for FANNY MINGE OR FANJITA
'do u have an itchy flu flu??'
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A term used when men act like little 5 year old girls
by Beetlejuice3 November 7, 2015
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Flu-Flu is another term for vagina. Often used when dealing with a baby when changing a diaper.
"Cover that Flu-Flu, no wants to see a baby bug."

by NOS BOD January 28, 2009
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a terrible sickness where you feel like you shouldnt be able to walk, but somehow you can. everything on your body is achy, you get the WORST headache, a sore throat, a cough, a stuffy nose, a stomach ache, and you puke. And this lasts about a week.
Why weren't you in school last week?
-Oh, I had the flu.
by ihatehavingtheflu July 30, 2009
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-Also shorthand for 'Influenza'.
Damn. I've got the flu again.
by victorhadin December 8, 2003
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hey! why you got all that flu on in my hood.
by malice mam July 30, 2003
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