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An arsewiper is a gay man, who is the giver rather the receiver in a gay relationship. It is the act of masturbating, and at the point of cumming he will ejaculate along the length of his partners arse crack. He will then run his penis up and down the crack. This is often done by young gay men who are working up to full anal. Occasionally they may take turns.
I met a new partner last week who wanted me to roger him on our first date. He was very nervous so I settled for being an arsewiper that night.
by pipesucker February 28, 2018
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when you are stuck in an arkward whilst on the toilet an "arsewiper" will be called to finish the creation started
(old man stuck on toilet whilst daughter over)
"honey i'm stuck and i haven't wiped"
comes in wipes arse(arsewiper) and help out
by thewoodsterix April 04, 2007
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