will: that would be a sick shot with a SpiritCape

thomas: it's capable.
by Duke-Nukem November 7, 2013
Someone who can, and will, say the N word, but chooses not to.
"You would never say it, you don't have the guts"
"Nah dude, I'm fully capable"
by inferno(gamer) February 25, 2020
A quote from SouthPark character Jimmy. He is Handi-capped and proud. He excells at many things, so there for he does not consider himself as Handi-Capped but HANDI-CAPABLE.
Cartman: Jimmy is Handi-Capped.

Jimmy: I prefer HANDI-CAPABLE.
by Stefuunee STFU! July 10, 2009
Something we yearn for, but can't seem to put into office...
I would put an example, but seeing as we don't currently have one, I can't!
by Tags November 8, 2004
It’s when someone is not like completely stupid
“ my dog ran into a glass door he’s handy capable
by Kaceyw January 23, 2019
Hey look at that retarded guy... I don't think he can walk

Handy capable is a much better term for retarded you know. people don't get offended then
by saberscars March 14, 2011
When one achieves something most people would consider impossible or unachievable. Successfully completing an act that would be considered insane, while sane.
Dude, that was so Bo-Capable did you really just jump that semi truck?!
by Boferre June 30, 2010