A older gentleman. Often a postman called Kevin
by Chicken83 April 2, 2007
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An exclamation guaranteed to cause confusion and possible upset, particularly when used during coitus.
Man: "Oh yeah baby.....Mmm hmmm..."

Woman: "Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah...."

Man: "Uh, uh, uh, uh...oh yeah....oh fuck...I'm gonna...I'm gonna...GRANDAD!!!!"

Woman: "WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?! Get off of me and get the fuck out of my house you sick freak!!"
by The Mongo Collective January 9, 2008
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where somone hits someone else in the area above the kneecap on the side of the left leg with their own knee. why? because its bloody funny (only if it works)!! the consequense of this will be the other person hopping on one leg shouting swear words,while u and ur m8s r laghing like hell. also some advice: always give a grandad when the other person is noot expecting and make sure u r standing up when doing it. there are adaptions of the grandad like a 'running grandad', the 'spinny' and a 'flying grandad'.
'oi m8 i think u'v got a grandad'!!!!!
by Mikey November 8, 2004
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When you absolutely plough the shit out of the side of someone's thigh with your knee, hence named because they will be walking like a grandad for the rest of the day.
"Hey Joffy, if you don't pass me a beer I'm gonna grandad the living shit out of you!"
by Frankoyo December 2, 2013
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you knee some innocent sole in the thigh
it hurts
and afterwards they walk like a grandad.
this is the concept we all know and love.
hardeep grandaded me yesterday :(
by Charley351 November 4, 2007
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When you hand a printed dick pic to a woman.
I was at the bar and some old guy grandadded me....so many gray pubes🙄
by Steelbeast November 1, 2020
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Pervy old man who taps girls on the ass.
me: omg here comes grandad
you: oh fuck.
grandad: hi baby *tap tap*
by grandads girl LOL January 21, 2009
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