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adj. The state or condition of being flaccid.
Having retrieved his flaccitude, John conceded to his instructor and agreed to go up in front of the class to begin his presentation.
by Banaycha April 04, 2007
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Flaccitude is the state of being tired and at the same time being unable to get an erection. The combination of the two problems together, would strongly suggest that you were suffering from this condition.
Ever since I caught the flu, I've had no energy at all. It seems I can't even get the hard on anymore. I feel pretty certain that I'm suffering from flaccitude.
by pipesucker March 09, 2018
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A state of extreme lassitude so intense that nothing is possible. Can affect any gender.
Guy 1: Dude, you've been binge watching for two days straight. Let's hit the taco place and find some cute chicks!
Guy 2: ommmphhh.. I can't. I'm experiencing flaccitude and can't move. You go without me.
by zandwich September 26, 2017
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