Any bottom-fermenting ale. Although the term is used now to refer exclusively to light-coloured German- and Scandinavian-style beers, Lager was not light coloured until Urquell produced their Pilsener Beer in 1868. Until then, all lagers were a darkish colour and a sweeter flavour.

Interestingly, Pilsener is now a term applied to beer that doesn't meet strict Northern European purity standards and cannot be called lager.

Also used with a modifier (-lout) to describe the behaviour of young (usually) men after cosuming large amounts of this very drinkable beer. This usage may now be archaic, being largely an invention of the British tabloid press in the 1980's.
"Pint of lager please, mate."

by Dazzla October 3, 2003
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Lager is a beer that is fermented at relatively cold temperatures. Lager is NOT an ale. Lager yeast strains perform best at these cold temperatures, while ale strains create a violent fermentation whose yeast is suspended in the whole column of the fermentation. Ale yeast can be 'cropped' from the top in a froth that collects from this violent CO2 production, and is therefore labelled "top fermentation" while lager yeast lies on the bottom of the fermenter. Hence "bottom fermentation".

Pilsner is a style from Pilzn, which is a Czech style lager. It is what today's standard lagers are meant to be, but often miss the points of the style.

The term 'lager' is German for aging, which refers to the 'secondary fermentation' where little CO2 is produced, yet yeast is still inside the vessel. Ales undergo little or no secondary fermentation, and get sent through a centrifuge or diatomaceous earth filter on the way to the bright tank for packaging. Some ales get racked directly to a cask for cask ales.
Lager? You lager, you brought'er!
by dorcus amungus April 18, 2007
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Term used to describe a Yuengling lager beer at a bar, more commonly used in the East Coast region (mainly in the Atlantic area of Philly, NJ, DE).

Although lager is a style of beer, saying 'lager' will produce a Yuengling Lager beer.
I'll take 2 shots of Yager, a rum and coke, and oh, 2 bottles of Lager.
by DeeJay December 12, 2003
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Örtlichkeit oder Gebäude, welches die zeitliche Überbrückung des Lagergutes ermöglicht. Dies kann notwendig sein, um einen gewissen Reifeprozeß abzuschließen oder aber die Unterschiede in der Produktion und im Absatz ausgleichen.
by Thomas Stefan September 15, 2003
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Coloquial term for getting lashed in the UK, whereby lager is the beverage of choice. Often carried out by young males as part of night out.
Fancy getting get bloody lagered tonight m8?
by Mk2 August 24, 2009
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A young male with smooth hair and nice teeth that posts at
"Lager is too sweet to be satanic."
by Rozberry July 6, 2006
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A fictional brand of beer referenced in the FX show Wilfred by Jenna's douchy boyfriend Drew.
Sheboygan Lager, bitch! That's how we do.
by fp69 August 24, 2011
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