'Hi Boss, I couldn't possibly come to work today. I have a bad, bad case of diarrhoea.'
by blackwidow_stretsfield January 12, 2017
The correct UK spelling OED.
Spelling diarrhoea any other way is shit. I am suffering from diarrhoea, therefore my poo is not very thick, unlike someone who cannot use a dictionary or spellchecker.
by blaen July 29, 2010
A glorious shitshow that keeps on coming.
and the diarrhoea kept on coming during the orchestra, it was a glorious shitshow for the pianist that day.
Diarrhoea, THE HORROR! It can be described in three words
Diarrhoea, here it comes again!
My, my,
Just how fast it comes out!
Diarrhoea. DIE-A-RO-EE-UH.....wtf?
by Lord Diarrhea October 26, 2007
Sudden panic caused by diarrhoea.
I was on my way home from my local Indian, when all of a sudden I had a harsh case of diarrhoea panic.
by tylrh_ September 29, 2018