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Person carrying a lot of shit.
Guy: Hey, were only walking a block to the drug store. Why are you carrying all that shit?
Girl: blah blah blah blah blah...
Guy: Ha! You look like a damned Sherpa Guide!
by Zeke May 07, 2005
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Well this is a derivation of an ever-popular favorite, ass clown. The only difference being the substitution of one profane word for another. Shit clowns are people who you would normally consider ass clowns, but they smell really badly. So the use of this word is usually saved for those ass clowns with poor hygiene, including but not restricted to bums, beggers, democrats, Rasheed Wallace and the like.
n. That shit clown just asked me for what I could spare so I gave him an application for McDonalds.
by Zeke May 28, 2004
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A rude, thoughtless, and abrasive person with poor taste. Derived by reference to shriveled testicles and/or wrinkles on the male genitals.
That guy we met at the party last night was such a fucking shriv.
by Zeke September 05, 2004
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"Ich bin der Zuhälter von Zuckerwatte." means "I am the cotton-candy pimp."

Chris Pretti is the "cotton-candy pimp."
by Zeke March 10, 2004
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