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Small boys is usually a word used by welsh men of the name alun bithell. The Aluns of sheep land derived this term by changing the lyrics of a duran duran song "wild boys" to "small boys" and chasing small children around the walls of chester with a squirty gun just for the fun of it!
hahaha small boys come here i wanna squirt yooo!
by Alun Bithell May 05, 2006
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The phrase Small Boys is used to describe the lowest form of what you could be doing at the time, for example, if you were to be on a poker table, a Β£100 table would be for the "Small Boys" whilst a Β£1,000,000 table would be for the big boys
"Oi Tom, You know if George got a 5 piece Chicken Meal for lunch like he said?"
"Nah mate, knowing him he went for a 1 piece kids meal, Small Boys he is"
by BORING11223344 April 23, 2019
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The small boy who doesn't let anyone or anything get in his way, and if you do, he growls the loudest
by gurrygirl February 13, 2019
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