Something that is compulsory or mandatory in nature.

An action that needs to be taken
* It is not necessary for Ryan to lick my ass.

* I find it necessary to use sexual slang at least every other sentence. It makes me look mature...
by LJones August 11, 2005
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Everything in the past, including war was necessary, because it existed. This does not mean to say that it is necessary now or in the future.
People started to realize the basic game center could move to life support instead of death support and it was now necessary to work for only 6 hours per year instead of the current 2,000, to support war mongers.
by fred ressler January 11, 2008
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When one has tickets to an NBA, NHL, or MLB playoffs, but the game they had tickets to becomes cancelled, as one team had already won the series. Only used for Game 5's, Game 6's, or Game 7's, the games that are scheduled as "if necessary," the derivation of the phrase.
Mike: "Hey, how was the Red Sox- Angels game last night?"

John: "The game was if necessaried; the Angels already swept."

Mike: "Ahh, that sucks."
by ghosterizer23 October 11, 2009
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A word you say on a daily bases, but don't know how to spell
Mark: Hey, how do you spell "Necessary"

John: N-E-S-S-E-C-A-R-Y

Mark: Thanks
by Bananman1234 October 29, 2020
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A long ass word ain’t nobody know how to spell
Linda: hey dude, how tf u spell Necessary
Ash: bitch ion fucking know, ask ur English teacher or sum
by youwillnotlast5minutes September 10, 2021
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The word "Necessary" means "do you really have to do it?" but shorter.
You and your BLAH BLAH BLAH is finding a treasure.
BLAH BLAH BLAH : 'we will have to pull this rope and go get the water bucket.'
(The water bucket is 1cm high)
You : 'Is it really necessary?'
by old hooman January 15, 2022
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A word you use sometimes but never spell it right
It really was not necessary to come up with the word "necessary"
by Winter66 February 19, 2021
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