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an obssesion with fish, usually caused ny a pastlife experience
bork has pink hair.
by Zeke May 9, 2003
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A collection of 5 homosexuals who enjoy tossing salad and knitting.
by Zeke May 5, 2003
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Common occurance in basketball in which after the boring round of passes one player will get the ball, not pass to anyone, and then dribble hard towards the basket, leading with the shoulder to knock other players out of the way before shooting a layup. Often accompanied by some sort of foul.
"College basketball can get a little boring because you know they'll just pass it to one of the players and he'll do a crazy mofo rush."
by Zeke March 28, 2005
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A word which may be uttered during discussion of a bad movie.

Origin: The alleged favorite movie of Strong Bad as claimed by Strong Mad.
"You know, the best part about 'Santa Claus Conquers the Martians' is the amazing special effects."
by Zeke February 16, 2005
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I live in Horn Lake, MS.
by Zeke March 11, 2004
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When someone has one-upped a compliment you made to someone else, for no other reason than to be a brown-noser.

Being inappropriately frank.
You: "Wow, you look great in that dress"
Douchebag: "She looks great no matter what she has on"

Bystander: "Dude you just got Franked"
by Zeke December 6, 2010
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Evil represented by steel on tires. Driven by conservatives who don't want to conserve. Gets less miles to the gallon than the first car invented.
My friend and I went on a cross-country road trip; I drove a Model T, he drove an SUV. He could go faster, but we got to the coast at the same time because I didn't have to gas up as often.
by Zeke November 1, 2003
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