It is a VG life being a farmer.
by wickedhot January 3, 2006
Ew, this room smells like VG.
by Jonjai July 8, 2009
An acronym for "very good" that makes little boys giggle by sounding similar to vigi which is the parent safe version of vagina.
"Ooo... my paper says VG, that's so hilarious!!"
"Oh grow up!"
by The Queen Of Chodes January 2, 2005
When a VD spreads and touches your mouth, the blistering pain makes you tell your doctor you think you have a "VG"... Trust me, it ain't fun...
Man 1: Last year, after I banged a cheap hooker bareback and gave her oral, the VD was so severe that I couldn't walk straight and looked like a 15 yr old pizza-face.
Man 2: Hahaha, I remember, you told me you thought you caught a "VG". Pussy...
Man 1: We'll see who'll be laughing when I give you sister an angry pirate!
by Al-el-mexicano September 20, 2008
Acronym: Virtual Giggle
Internet Lingo similar to lol but used as a more frequent substitute for people who generally giggle a lot(but want to add a virtual twist!) or simply want to spice up the usual lolz.
somestupidsn: last night was hilarious
anotheridioticsn: vg...lets not talk about it vg
by lexy June 27, 2007
4chan's Video Game Generals board. In it are various threads pertaining to specific video games and/or franchises, such as Minecraft, Katawa Shoujo, DotA 2, and more. This board is a much stricter and more organized board than /v/, its counterpart.
"Hey, where can I talk about DotA 2?"

"You can try out /vg/."

"Oh, nice."
by emibro July 31, 2013
for those of you idiots who cant tell, a vg is a VIDEO GAME, duh
Me: Man, we hella gotsta plays us some gory vgs
by zazu :) April 4, 2006