"Yo dont get all bent outta shape ova that , I was just playin."
by Duce 2* March 16, 2006
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Playin is a slang word for playing. For example: I was just playin around. Also used as an easy hash tag word #playin. The work "playin" is used in may songs and rap songs since it is easier to rhyme with.
Did you have fun on TikTok today? Yes I was playin around on it all day. #Playin
by YOLOwithTamara February 06, 2019
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when someone tries to mess with someone else's head, tells them one thing but really means the opposite just to see how the other would act; childish
"21 is too old for a guy to be still playin' games. They need to just grow up."
by LiL ShoRty September 06, 2003
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a form to get people to stop lyin to you
"nigga stop playin"
by Stop Playin October 16, 2014
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Brian: Last night got a little crazy didn't it?

Mike: Yeah it's crazy enough that we double teamed her but I could believe she wanted us to pull her hair and spit on her.

Brian: We were totally playin' lacrosse.
by Brian_is_tasty July 01, 2006
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chillin with the chillest of bros, and doin the chillest shit possible.
We just been playin lax all day, bro brought the henny and i brought the blueberry swishers.
by smokekripallday September 05, 2011
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checking out the scene without socializing in a social setting; leaning against the back wall of da club and just kickin' it
Lenzell: What up, son? I heard ish was poppin' off at the Diamond Club last night.

Tiny: Yo, I was so blunted, I just playin' the wall all night, B. Jus' chillin', ya know?
by mtw29 April 17, 2007
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