Used by douche bags (see douche) worldwide to describe their incredible "pwning" skills, usually during an online video game session or posted on a forum for 40-year old guys living in their parents basement wearing wife-beaters and old boxer shorts.
HOLY shi-it!! <=ShadowG0d>=- is teh HAXORZ1!1!!
by Ritter November 2, 2004
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(adj): the state of hacking a person. Derived from the greek term haxorz meaning to hack. Also used in that stupid aim text where you use letters and numbers for words.
yeah the greek bit is BS but the rest is legit

"I R Haxorzing your account"
"my haxorzing skillz are leet"
by German1337 February 24, 2008
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A real Yu-Gi-Oh card widely thought by non-players to be a "photoshopped" or spoofed card. The card allows a player to : "Pay 500 Life Points. Look at your opponents hand and all Set cards on his/her side of the field."
Player 1 : "I play trap card Mind Haxorz."

Player 2 : "lol whatever thats not a real card"

Player 1: "Ya it is n00b"

Player 2 : Fux! Oh wait I have Jinzo on the field n00b"

Player 1 : "Fux!"
by Kujila August 23, 2005
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emo (emo haxorz) persons who like to think of themselves as uber i-am-smarter-than-you persons...but they are they are not uber...
emo haxorz daily hacking:
<google download virus>
<hard disk erased>
<emo suicide >
<scream scream turn off>
by g3nocid April 26, 2007
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wtf haxorz!!! is "What the fuck, hacker" written in l33t language, term used in online games to define people who are hacking, but most of the time, good players are often seen as hackers
*A guy kills a noob*
Noob: WTF HAXORZ!!!!
by Leet Whacker May 10, 2016
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