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A person who is hacking or cheating in a game (usually Counter-Strike). Though sometimes it correctly identifies a cheater, its usually used by newbie faggots who cant tell the difference between good play and cheating and cant believe that someone actually heard their loud ass running from place to place and subsquently cant believe that you know where he is.
"OMG ROFLOL u headshotted me u must be hax0rz"

-- see ROFLOL for related info.
by Anonymous November 13, 2002
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Used by douche bags (see douche) worldwide to describe their incredible "pwning" skills, usually during an online video game session or posted on a forum for 40-year old guys living in their parents basement wearing wife-beaters and old boxer shorts.
HOLY shi-it!! <=ShadowG0d>=- is teh HAXORZ1!1!!
by Ritter November 02, 2004
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