1. (n) A small marijuana cigarette rolled tightly, and lacking in marijuana content. Usually sells cheap on the underground markets.

2. (adj.) Marijuana that is of poor quality.

3. (adj.) Diminutive adjective to express displeasure for an activity.

4. (adj.) Used to describe objects that are small and/or of poor quality.
1. I'm gonna go and smoke this pinner in the washroom 'fore maths class.

2. That guy sells pinner weed.

3. Man, this game is pinner.

4. That's a pinner pencil you've got there.
by Forsyth April 28, 2004
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a very small, thin marijuana cigarette; a poor excuse for a joint.
"Want to come get baked with me and Hannah?"
"No way, dude she only rolls pinners!"
by yo_stoned September 11, 2012
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(noun) a very small, thin marijuana cigarette. It gets its name from being pin-shaped
by Anonymous November 16, 2002
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A very thin, tightly rolled blunt.
That kid twisted up a real pinner. He might as well of just rolled a joint.
by Bobbo Wanat May 26, 2006
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it basically has the same meaning as calling someone a pussy
That pinner bitch won't even take another shot!
by sellinpussy April 7, 2011
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a very unfortunate situation, person, place, or thing. coined by the men of northgate baseball (ngb). another form of the word is "pin" which means the exact same thing.
"Bro, how pinner was that party, i didnt even get dome!"
"Ayyee burr, that girl's cakes were so pin"
by ngbfolife March 6, 2010
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something that is very small; usually reserved for something that is a small version of something that can also be big
that dude's schlong is pinner; my plant is still totally pinner
by jiggidy October 2, 2007
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