Something someone says when they want attention.
I hate this place and I'm leaving.
by Coffee September 14, 2003
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Very common message posted to messageboards.

Normally posted by a disgruntled user when upset and wanting attention.

While someone who posts such a message will sometimes mean it and will never again go to that board after posting such a message, usually once they calm down, they'll come back and will be posting as though they never posted it.

On some messageboards, such messages are so common and/or posted by certain users so much that people have learned to automatically ignore them.
I logged in this morning to find yet another I'm leaving the board forever message. The guy that posted it has already posted ten of them and returned less then twenty four hours after each time.
by anonymous November 7, 2004
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A phrase to escape, exit, or end conversation... used mostly for phone calls, work, and fleeting conversations.
Ok... OK... MOM OK!... Ok mom, I've gotta go... I'm gonna leave you to it.

Looks like you've got everything taken care of... I'm gonna leave you to it.
by jacprice January 18, 2017
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Best song ever. It was remade by Led Zeppelin and featured on their debut album. Hear it.
Babe I'm gonna leave you shows how much Plant's voice rocks!
by numandina July 23, 2006
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