It is what you do when people from urban dictionary keep your definitions off.
Quit: I'm quitting it now, for sure I'll come back to read definitions, but I'm not comming back to create and I hope that they get backrupted and that they all fall from the tenth floor with their asses upside-down.

Quit 2: I have not that much time though.

Quit 3: I guess they're haters or trolls, peace! Orr, aussie-ass democrats hahaha, stupid people! hahahhaaaa!
by MrGui April 2, 2015
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What chavs do after twenty minutes of any type of gainful employment.
" Dis dream Maccy'ds job is shite Raz, im gonna quit! "
by salad fingers 147 October 7, 2005
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To end a program.
Quit AIM.
Quit Photoshop.
Quit CuteFTP.
Quit Internet Explorer.
Quit Raping_Young_Boys.jpg
Quit Windows.
Quit reading this definition.
by Bastardized Bottomburp October 6, 2003
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To stop or halt from doing an action.
Quit fucking around.
Quit your whining.
/quit life
Quit touching me fag.
I'm not going to quit until I cum.
I quit fucking her when I found out her secret.
After 5 times, my penis just quit working.

by syst0lic July 13, 2003
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The action of taking a quick shit. Commonly used in a situation of urgency where one needs to shit.

The verb "quit" is derived from the words "quick" and "shit". Combining the "qu" from "quick" and the "it" from "shit" we get the elegant word "quit".
Hang on! Ill be right down, i just need to take a quit!

I'm gonna run and go take a quit, be right back!

Damn!! that was a quit!
by captaincaveman010 August 19, 2011
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to try to give up
or stop doing something
but then end up doing it anyways
when a brianna and cynthia decide their going to quit smoking

someone comes along and offers a cig

they say umm.. okay

cynthia :i thought we quit???
brianna :yeah we did ...

by cynthia moctezuma June 29, 2008
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What you really want to tell your boss.
No i don't have that report ready but I did want to tell you, i quit.
by forgiven January 25, 2005
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