(v.) term used mainly on stan twitter to refer when you want to achieve a certain account of number (usually a rounded up no.) and you ask others to follow you
account: spare 9 followers
by cuteasabuttonhe April 3, 2021
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To get angry, go sick, attack etc another person, animal or inanimate object when you lose your temper
"If he says anything else to me, I'll go fucking spare."
by Joeylass January 23, 2006
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A person that serves little to no use to anyone other than them self. (self-worth is also in question however)
The only perk Coach Squeeky has on his job is riding in a golf cart; thus solidifying his spareness.
by C Reezy January 28, 2005
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a term used to describe someone that is rarely seen in their role, either an actor athlete or musician. Can be related in a spare tire in your car. Its always there but its never used.
Did you hear that new song by Chris Cornell?

No, that guy is a spare
by JimmytheGreek April 7, 2011
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Word used to describe any extra unit of hardware, method of transportation, object or intangible concept that cannot reach its maximum potential, mainly as a result of the original being stolen or fiddled with. Occasionally, the spare might have been the one that was stolen by mistake. Often used in a context to convey disbelief that the use of the spare was suggested in the first place.
Guy 1: "Hey, let me use that computer."
Guy 2: "Why don't you just use the computer that you stole...?"
Guy 1: "How can I use that computer when it is a spare?! I need full access!"
by Mr. Wa February 17, 2009
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used by netphorians

"to be lame"
"Volunteering at the zoo sounds pretty spare to me."
by toby June 18, 2004
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an 80s "Valley Girl"-ish contraction of "spare me". Used as an exclamation when something unbelievable or otherwise unpleasant has occurred.
Q: "Do you like my new hat"?
by Mmmmike December 12, 2006
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