49 definitions by Zeke

Abbreviation for "Lets Just Be Friends". Used mostly by women to indicate that they don't want a romantic relationship, but don't mind receiving attention from a guy that wants to be more than friends.
He thought she was hot, but she LJBF'd him so he is out of luck.
by Zeke December 03, 2003
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The coolest motherfucker ever to hit this sad sad planet
No-one comes close to the real Zeke
by Zeke April 06, 2005
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"Female" that put the fear of God in men everywhere. Had classic she-mullet with shaved side burns.
Dude #1: Are you going to the basketball game?
Dude #2: Hell no!
Dude #1: Why not?
Dude #2: I heard that the Iron Maiden might be there.
Dude #1: Shit, I'm outy!
by Zeke May 07, 2005
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nice way of saying 'yo'. l33t sp34k.
j0 j00 h4x0r. \/\/hU+ Up?
by Zeke May 09, 2003
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