Originated from hacks = hax -> hackers/haxors

1. (noun) Someone that hacks; a hacker.
2. (verb) To cheat using a hack.

You are a haxors. I'm reporting you.
by Seiichiro Watari April 12, 2006
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A noun that relates to cheating/hacking.
Me: "Man that was haxors, I know that move is impossible to do."
by John Noogin January 29, 2003
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the non-numerical version of the word h4x0r3d. Meaning "to be hacked". also, hacking has NOTHING to do with 'just using a program' as the previous definition states, for this, please refer to the definition of "script kid".
man, my computer doesn't turn on, i think it got haxored
by h4x0r3d December 12, 2003
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N 1. someone who kicks mass amounts of ass by using his mad computer skills to alter an online game, or by making a program to further manipulate the game, and kick more massive amounts of ass.
N 2. The art of hacking
N 3. A script kiddy who is a self-proclaimed hacker, because he defines himself as a "hax0r" and speaks in "l33t"

Note: Most hackers rarely use leet, it is often a trademark of programmers who are either inexperienced, or want to be hackers. One who is haxor rarely goes by "haxor" or any other derivitave. It is a title given by another.
<sad lummox> damn that haxor using the AIM bot, damn him to hell!
<haxor> mwahahahahaha, pandas rule
by the oldmanpanda November 23, 2003
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When used in 1337 (leet), it is usually preceded by the article "t3h," meaning "the." The adjective "1337" attached to haxor (alternate h4x0|2, h4x0r, etc.) serves to magnify the amount of ass-kickage exponentially. Further, "t3h 1337 h4x0|2 #1" serves to signify that the speaker is claiming to be the dominant haxor, and that all other haxors are subservient to him. Further emphasis is added by placing a ridiculous amount of exclamation marks, numerical ones, and the word "one" after the phrase.
"3y3 4m t3h 1337 h4x0|2 #1!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!one!!!!!"
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A nerdy self deprecating word used in a humorous way. Otherwise, a lame twist of "hacker" using "l337" speak.

Although there is sometimes an attempt to make it synonymous with "hacker", there is no wide acceptance of this in the real world. Circles where it might be accepted as such will not be among true hackers, but instead "crackers". aka skript kiddies, skript d00dz, losers, lamers, sad fucks with a sad sense of entertainment who basically spend hours racking their pin heads on pranks they don't often even witness.
nerd: "i am a l337 haxor!"

human: "stfu, jackass"
by Billocks March 13, 2006
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Haxor is slang for hacker. As with all slang, hax0r can be used for many purposes.

1) Used as a term of appreciation

2) Humour, insult

3) To reveal the truth that you are a real newb

4) As a war call or to cheer another on.
1) Thanks for hax0ring that three hundred dollar aluminum case so that Zalman fan would fit. I'm glad you have such a handy bag of haxor tools. I know I don't have an eighteen inch set of metal cutters.

2) That newb is l33t h@x0r.

3) i r l33t h@x0r! All that neon light adds at least 15MHz to the system. Serious! Mitnick told me it does on IRC.

4) Haxor! Haxor! Haxor!
by o6 August 22, 2004
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