A word popularized by 3-6 mafia to mean an item or thing.
Hell no, not at all. Y'all the type that make me throw my junt into the wall.
by VAKI5 May 08, 2005
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could mean almost anything; a junt is like a noun it is a person, place, thing, or idea. Junt is massively used in Memphis and surrounding areas; a junt is also a terminology used for someone who has not quite made it to the "boyfriend, girlfriend" level; the word junt is also affiliated with phrases such as *junt status*
Music playing, "Aw that's my junt right there"
"Ooh girl that's a lil junt over there go holla at em,"
What's the name of that club right there...oh yeah that's the junt,
"What's that lil junt name that I was dancing on in the club last night?"
"Is Chris your boyfriend?" No he just my junt I wish he would step up to the plate tho'
by That K.A.S. girl December 09, 2007
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Junt refers to just about anything. But can be used wrong. Use it in place of a noun.
Did you fuck the junt?
Did you drink that junt?
We gona pick up the junt?
by cawb September 11, 2006
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Material items belonging to another or yourself; often considerably costly, most junt can be expensive, gaudy, or possibly elaborate.
1. "Man! That dude's smoke is the junt!"

2. "My new cell phone is the junt!"

3. "You got the junt!"
by grandsoloist December 16, 2009
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