"You stupid!" "No I not!" "What's 9+10?" "21" "You stupid!"
by cudi_lehippy August 20, 2014
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The age at which one is finally considered human.
by Anonymous August 8, 2003
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American guy: I'm finally 21! Time to get wasted!
English guy: You're 3 years late
by JackLikesTits February 24, 2015
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To '21' something is to quit it, to give up on something.
You're outside a nightclub with a long queue, you've been waiting for half an hour and they're still not letting anyone in. Your friend turns to you and says '21 it?', you nod and head home.
by conradblah March 11, 2009
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1.The number that comes after 20 and before 22
2.From the vine what 9 + 10 equals
Example 1: 19, 20, 21, 22, 23
Example 2:
Person 1: U Stoopid!
Person 2: No I'm not!
Person 1: What's 9+10?
Person 2: 21.
Person 1: U Stoopid!
by 9000/0 September 24, 2014
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doggystyle, a sexual position in which the woman from hip to legs forms the two and the upright man the one
i want to made a 21 with Jessica
by pardojos September 20, 2020
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The age of majority in the United States due to its stupid laws where not only you have to be 21 to drink, you also have to be 21 to stay at a hotel and rent a car (although some discriminating rental car companies won't let you rent until age 25)
This wonderful vacation is going bad since I can't even get a hotel AT ALL due to their stupid policies saying I have to be 21! This means I have to sleep on the floor, YUCK! Hope they won't check my ID at the bar because I am only 18...Oh wait, they did and I was denied entry...FUCK!
by NHRHS2010 June 16, 2011
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