One of the greatest southern rock, if not rock and roll, bands.
Whoever thinks that the only song skynyrd made is sweet home alabama and think thats the best one, needs to fuck off and listen to something else because they dont know rock music.
by jimmy January 1, 2005
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A southern US rock band, famed for the track 'Freebird', but show a depth and insight that is sadly overlooked by many

see also Lynyrd Skynyrd Hat
The Ballad of Curtis Lowe is a classic example of Skynyrd at their best.
by black flag June 3, 2004
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Three axe attack! At first, their guitar lineup consisted of Ed King, Gary Rossington, and Allen Collins. King later quit the band and was later replaced by Steve Gaines. Usually, Gaines played a Strat, Rossington a Les Paul, and Collins an Explorer. They would change guitars on some songs. For example, Rossington played the mournful guitar at the beginning of Free Bird in concert using a slide and a SG.

Ronnie Van Zant was the lead singer and primary song writer. His songs usually had very straight-forward lyrics. Contrary to legend, he was a fan of Neil Young. On the cover of Street Survivors, he can be seen in a Neil Young Shirt.

Leon Wilkeson played bass. Former roadie Billy Powell played piano. Artimus Pyle replaced Bob Burns on drums. They had a trio of back-up singers, the "Honkettes."
If I leave her tomorrow, would you still remember me?

I signed my contract, baby, and I want you people to know: Every penny that I make I'm gonna see where my money goes!

Lord, I can't make any changes. All I can do is write them in a song.

Gimme three steps, gimme three steps mister, gimme three steps towards the door. Gimme three steps, gimme three steps mister, and you'll never see me no more!
by Jon March 18, 2005
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The Best Southern Rock Band Ever. The Best Song Was Free Bird, Of Course!!!
"Lynyrd Skynyrd is AWESOME!!!!!!!!"

"I'm As Free As A Bird Now"
by Annynymyus August 20, 2005
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Risowen doesn't know what he's talking about, Lynyrd Skynyrd's plane went down in '77. In '87, they reformed with Ronnie's brother Johnny on vocals, and they have produced a great amount of music since, and still work today. Gary Rossington is the only surviving original member, Long live Skynyrd!
post-plane crash Lynyrd Skynyrd has produced songs such as; Red White and Blue, Edge Of Forever, Gifted Hands, The Last Rebel, and Mad Hatter
by AR2013 July 4, 2011
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