To have or cause a pain, normally sharp stinging pain
I banged my ankle on my computer. It smarted a little.

by Casa Dilla June 18, 2008
The superior form of 'rarted' which highly insults ones intelligence and whole life. It is the most painful and devastating word you can say to one and it should only be used when you want to crush someone's soul. Calling someone 'smarted' using leads to a sudden brain aneurysm, or immediate suicidal thoughts which directly leads to the act of comit nek rop.
Unintelligent Man: Isn't 1+1 3?
Man Who Watches Rick & Morty: Bro you're honestly so 'smarted', the answer is 2!
Unintelligent Man: Oh shit *brain aneurysm*.
Man Who Watches Rick & Morty: Ohhhhh yeah, I have a 9000IQ
by jnfeSUJV November 5, 2018
Knowledgeable, witty, or intelligent. Not a popular thing to be in America these days.
by Anonymous June 10, 2003
you have the necessary level of intelligence to complete a given task
"I don't feel good about the test."
"Relax already, you'll be fine. You've got the smarts."
by kevin'o' March 25, 2014
1- To have proper spelling
2- To know what's good for you, whether you do it or not
3- To do what's best
4- To look at both issues
5- To admit your mistakes
6- To not overdo it
7- To not need to be told every little detail
8- To wonder constantly
9- To understand
10- To be weird
11- To think for yourself
12- The exact opposite of Poodle
13- To not suck up
14- To have a good sense of humor
15- To not pretend to be something you're not
16- To let he idiots embarass themselves
17- To question everything
Smart is...Uncommon around here.
by Tianto November 24, 2004