To have meaningless sex, or a word that you and your buds use in substitution of the word sex, make love, etc.
Yo man i banged that biatch so many times...
by Mikeo August 6, 2003
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1. to have some hard core, rough sex

2. to finger a girl (finger bang)
1. "Hey, I banged Latonia against the bathroom door this morning."

2. "Damn, bangin' Sheila was hard, she kept her pants zipped and buttoned!"
by KaThryn December 30, 2005
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a common word meaning to have sex-past tense
"I got banged last night"
by black ivy July 10, 2007
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to have had sexual intercourse, usually with a female
I banged her last night.
by Matt! February 17, 2003
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Beaten up by another person in a fight intentionally.
oi, i cant believe you got banged up by that boy!
by Abzeh December 21, 2005
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packed out to capacity or even over crowded, as in a place or venue
Damn, the club was banged last night, we could hardly move
by DJGarry February 20, 2011
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