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Extremely bitchy or useless woman. So-called because an ankle is two feet lower than a cunt.
by Holden McCrank January 31, 2003
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A word to call someone who is "Three feet lower than a cunt".
She is being a total ankle!
by gnelcajon June 15, 2016
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a completely miserable, bitchy, nagging female is referred to as an ankle because an ankle is 3 feet lower than a cunt. This is more commonly used when a man is speaking to his wife or girlfriend and therefor avoids being pummeled for calling his woman a cunt.
my old lady unloaded on me for leaving the toilet seat up. shes such an ankle!
by lobsta69 August 20, 2010
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Ankles - A pseudonym of abject derision and abuse describing a person of absolutely unbelievably low moral or personal standards, being by definition "3 foot lower than a cunt".
After screwing his best friend's girlfriend on the side, Richards friends renamed him "Ankles"

Politicians generally rate so low on the the scale of social rankings, well below prostitutes, used-car salesmen and drug dealers, that an appropriate class definition for them is "Ankles".
by Whistleblower2 June 02, 2011
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Code used by teenagers in reference to a Penis
Gabe: How did your date with her go?
Graham: I totally showed her my ankle!
Gabe: Dude nice!
*high fives*
by Deviled gge April 02, 2017
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